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If the pulp inside your tooth is severely infected, you can experience extreme pain. The root of your tooth could also die as a result of the infection. Root canal therapy treats the pulp to eliminate the infection. We offer incredible root canal therapy and have more than 20 years of experience.

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A root canal protects your tooth from future infection. It can prevent a painful infection from developing in the pulp and spreading to the jaw. There can be a delay for the infection or decay to manifest. Great pain reveals the problem and shows you need dental care right away.


Benefits of root canals

Not every infection has symptoms. You may come in for your general cleaning and checkup, only to discover that there is an infection below the surface of your tooth. We can get in there to save your tooth - and save you from the pain of the infection ever cropping up.

You may not have symptoms

If you're sensitive to hot or cold items, your teeth hurt while biting or when pressure is applied, you have throbbing and severe tooth pain, you have swelling in the irritated area, or you have a bad taste you should schedule an appointment with Lange Family Dental Care today!

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