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Wouldn’t it be easier if you and your children visit the same dentistry? We at Lange Family Dental Care understand this and will provide your family with the dental care you need. With over 40 years of experience in family dentistry, we realize that you and your children have customized dental needs and we address them effectively. Trust us to provide you with efficient oral health services.

New patients are always welcome! Make your appointment today!

You can come to us for complete family dentistry services including dental cleanings, dental screenings, preventative care and restorative care.

Our dental services include:  

You get top-class treatment, thanks to the latest technology we use. Give your kids the gift of healthy teeth by teaching them the role of oral health and the importance of clean teeth.

Complete family care

Your children should visit us as early as possible to maintain a lifelong healthy smile. We know it's not easy to get them in, which is why we are committed to being kid-friendly and safe. New patients are always welcome. So bring the whole family in!

Kid-friendly dentistry

Bring your whole family to us!